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Beginning December 1, 2016, the clerk’s office will no longer be selling land fill tickets. This is due to the County Department of Public Works changes.
Because of the way they are now distributing the cost of these tickets to the Town, it is no longer feasible for the Town to do this. Thank you for your dedication in the past for these sales. The County leaves us no choice but to cease selling them.

Nancy L. Moir
Town Clerk

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Facts about The Town of Dansville Location: Steuben County Population: 1,997 (2000 U.S. Census Bureau figures) Area: 48.1 sq. miles includes Wayland, Dansville and Arkport school districts Office: 1487 Day Road (off County Road 46) 607-295-7223 Historical overview: The town was formed along with the county in 1796, and is one of the oldest towns in Steuben County. However, the town was not officially settled until around 1804 by Daniel Faulkner. The Town of Dansville was used to form in part or whole the Towns of Cohocton, Howard (both in 1812), Wayland (1848) and Fremont (1854). In 1822 part of the town including the Village of Dansville was annexed to the Town of Sparta in Livingston County. The hamlet of South Dansville is the primary community in the town.